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men like scarves

ivymoss in pepper_up

damn it straight to hell

So I haven't made icons in a while. Obviously.

- 2 Heroes
- 2 Lost
- 6 The Office
- 2 Pride & Prejudice
- 9 Veronica Mars

Heroes (caps by just_katarin)
1. 2.

Lost (caps by space_coyote513 and tonicangel)
3. 4.

The Office
5. 6. 7. 8.
9. 10.

Pride & Prejudice
11. 12.

Veronica Mars
13. 14. 15. 16.
17. 18. 19. 20.


Yessss! New you icons! They're so pretty. Snagging 3, 6, and 11. :)
GORGEOUS. I love so many. Snagged some of the Office + VM. :D
Heroes ♥

And I love the first 3 Office icons, except that I'm still in the middle of season 2 and I'm excited to see how Pam and Jim start dating. (Not blaming you for spoilers; I've seen plenty of icons/pics of them already)
VM for me- 21 cracks me up so much =]
Taking some VM icons, but they are all nice. Will credit when used.
Saved a couple of Veronica icons, thanks!
Snagging some! :D
16, 19, 20
I love 5-7. saving 5 and 6 :) Will credit :)
Love your coloring, and took #11. Pretty, pretty. :)
taking 19, thanks!
I love the colouring. You're icon god ;)

I'm taking 4. Thanks!
Saving 12! Thank you!
saved a couple vm. thanks!
4: OMB All-Time Quarterback. I LOVE YOU!
omg, I'm so glad there's someone else out there who got that! Hee, I love Ben Gibbard and everything he does. :D
Definitely, he is my musical-genius hero.
I love your icons, they're so vibrant! I'm snagging #9!
21 is love.
I still love your work. And I hope you still have the invite for projectuntitled, I'd love to see your work there.