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men like scarves

ivymoss in pepper_up

- 47 Lost (Live Together, Die Alone) icons [major spoilers, obviously]

jj abrams, you slay meCollapse )


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Took a few with credit. Thanks!
Flashback Desmond is HOT. :D
taking #6!!! ♥
ngsdjghjksdghsk Desmond!
46 and 19 and 32!
yay for dirty men!
Snagging #44, will credit. Thanks! :-)
Taking 1 & 26. Thanks!
These are all gorgeous, love your colouring. Snagging 19, thanks!
Snagged #39 - #45 *thud* GORGEOUS!
Lovely! Saving #6, will credit!
Love the colours of these! Took 7 and 16.
1, 18, 24...al; are kewl-looking, actually! Props especially to the C/C 1'a @ the end! =)
Ohhhh these icons are just insanely pretty. Just sooo pretty! I love your uniqueness and how every icon looks different. With different texture use and color use. I just really miss that in icon posts these days. But yours so has everything I love about icons. Just wow. So gorgeous. I'll be saving some and will credit if I use!

Saving 1, because the texture use there blows me away. So gorgeous and pretty and kinda dark, yet it fits so well. Also love the great overal view. Saving 15 too, love the more brighter colors in that icon, it has something glowy, something warm and so sharp too. The soft text use fits too and you just capture that despair that he has in that moment, that comes across so well. Saving 16 too, I adore that cap and you made such a gorgeous icon out of it and the colors in that icon are too pretty.

Saving 18 too, the texture use there is once again amazing and oh so beautiful. Then I'm saving 23, love the capture and crop and just the kinda dark and bright coloring. It fits so well and I love how you see Eko really watching down on the hatch. Then I'm saving 26, gorgeous coloring again, just gorgeous. Saving 29 too, love that close up and how sharp her face looks and so beautiful, just the right kind of quality. The contrast is so perfect too. And last I'm saving 45, great crop and once again, AMAZING quality!
Those are beautiful. Taking #42-45 and will credit.
1 :)
#37. :)
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